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Amazon Smart Plug With Alexa Support Now available in India

We have some of the best tech innovations in the industry of smart-home from Amazon-like, Alexa Speakers, Smart Displays, Smart Lights, Smart Seciruty cameras, and many other products.

How they can forget India because India has one of the largest customer bases for these products. They have already launched many smart products for India, but one thing was missing is the smart-plug system.

So with that, the wait is over and they have launched their Smart Plug With Alexa Support for just Rs. 1,999. I will say that spending 2k for just a plug is really doesn’t worth but you are missing something it’s not a regular plug, yes its a smart plug that comes with some cool features.

It can be also purchased paired with Echo Dot for Rs. 4,498 or also with an Echo Dot with Clock priced at Rs. 5,498 out of the box.

So let’s talk about its features, it can give power b/w 220V to 240V or 50/60Hz, at with input and output of 6A. The device is only capable of working with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n where if you want to connect it with a 5GHz band then it will not support it.

The plug has a 3-pin design and will be working fine with Fire OS, Android operating systems, and iOS devices via the Alexa app. You need to have an Echo, Fire TV, or any Alexa device to operate this plug it is only compatible with them.

The smart plug has an on/ off button on the left of the device and the front you will get a LED indicator. It works when you instruct your Alexa device like “Alexa turn on the TV” ”Alexa turn on the lamp “Alexa Turn of mobile charger”

The smart plug looks very compact and it just weighs 104 grams, but keep in mind not to use it with heavy appliances like AC, Heater, Geyser, it is not made to be used with heavy devices.

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