5 Best SoundBars In India

Sound BarFinding the best product in the market is a headache and especially when it comes to SoundBar. There are plenty of options out there in the market and finding the best of them is very tough and at the same time, it is time-consuming.

If you are finding the best SoundBar for your Gaming Setup then you have plenty of options as you can use Gaming Headphones instead of speakers or you can even use True Wireless earbuds while gaming or listening to music, but if you looking for a SoundBar for your TV to watch movies and web series or for gaming on PS5, then you must look at SoundBar which produces a natural sound and theatrical sound.

Keep the thing in mind that you are looking for the best SoundBar for your television to enjoy movies, web series, or PS5, we have found some of the best SoundBars in India that you must love to buy. Below we have listed all the best SoundBars available in the Indian Market in February 2021, however, we haven’t ranked them so you can pick up any of them which suits you the best.

Best SoundBars in India

Buying a good SoundBar in India is difficult so you have to keep some points in mind while buying a SoundBar and here are some of those:

  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • WiFi

You have to keep these connectivity options in your mind while buying as when you will be streaming the content, connectivity is important.

  • Bose SoundTouch 300 SoundBar

Bose SoundTouch 300 SoundBarThe Bose SoundTouch 300 SoundBar comes in first place as the best Soundbar in India. You know that Smart and Curved TVs are all around so buying a SoundBar that gives company to your TV would be better. This one is the most popular in this list of Best SoundBars in India, as it comes with the most advanced technology and features.

The Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar is made up of metal and glass. The top of the SoundBar is Glass, whereas the grill of the Soundbar is metal. This is the reason it looks premium and stylish. It comes with some great features like wireless streaming, with an in-built WiFi network, BlueTooth and NFC are there too. It supports multiple devices as well, and it is truly wireless except for the power cord. It comes with ADAPTiQ Technology so that it can adapt to the room type and it will adjust itself according to your room.

This one has HDMI connectivity with 4K 5.1 surround sound as well. We would suggest you get a Subwoofer as well to make the experience even better. But you also must know that it doesn’t have any battery and the customer support is also not that good.

  • JBL 5.1 Channel 4K SoundBar

JBL 5.1 Channel 4K SoundBarThe JBL 5.1 Powerful 4K UHD SoundBar is a great choice to have as it is a 510 Watt powerful soundbar and it also comes with a woofer. It also has Dolby Digital which enhances your experience of listening to it. It has the DTS Technology due to which it sounds amazing. It can be a wireless home theatre from your home and watching movies while listing to it would be a great experience.

The best part of this SoundBar is that it has 2 battery-powered speakers which can also be detached and these speakers give you 10 hours of backup which is incredible. It comes with a 10″ wireless subwoofer so you won’t have to buy it separately. The HDMI port in this one supports up to 4K streaming while connected to multiple devices with Bluetooth and WiFi.

This SoundBar has a feature to shift quickly from TV to phone to tablet and other devices. Also, you can handle this bar with your TV remote too. It comes with 250mm drivers which is good. Also, we found out that the Bluetooth range of this SoundBar is not that good.

  • Philips Fidelio HTL9100 Wireless SoundBar

Philips Fidelio HTL9100 Wireless SoundBarThe Philips Fidelio HTL9100 Wireless SoundBar is a great wireless speaker as it comes with detachable speakers with a separate Bluetooth module. So you can take it anywhere you want, so it gives you the freedom to move around. It has the Dolby Digital Pro logic decoder which gives you a great surround sound experience and a natural dynamic sound. It has 2 HDMI ports and has one-touch NFC for pairing with your phone.

The bad part is that it does not come with a 5.1 channel surround sound and it has only a 4.1 surround sound. It can deliver up to a max of 105 output while on batteries. But it does not come with USB ports.

  • Yamaha YAS-108 SoundBar with SubWoofer

Yamaha YAS-108 SoundBar with SubWooferThe Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar is a great speaker from Yamaha. It has amazing sound, bass, and a theatrical feel. It has a built-in Subwoofer for good bass and to provide you with a crystal clear voice. The best part is that it has Bluetooth version 5.0 which is great for connectivity as it can quickly connect to your devices. You can also quickly shift between various devices with the help of BlueTooth 5.0. Also, you have the support of HDMI to make easy connections between the SoundBar and other devices.

It has a clean and classy look as it has curved edges. It can also be mounted on your room walls, so you won’t have a storage issue. The worst part of this soundbar is that it only has 2.1 channel surround sound which is old and outdated technology and it can be a deal-breaker too.

  • LG Electronics 4.1 Ch Sound Bar

LG Electronics 4.1 Ch Sound BarThe LG SK5 2.1 Ch Sound Bar is a stylish and fancy speaker from LG. It is sleek and unique in design and it requires very little space to be kept. It is a 4.1-channel surround sound speaker and it can give you a max output of 360W which is very good. It has a new feature of Google Cast due to which you can cast it to your devices. It also comes with Adaptive Sound Technology which amplifies the sound and creates a natural and theatrical experience in your room. It can be controlled with your TV remote too, it has HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity features as well.

You can do wifi streaming on this SoundBar with the help of a smart Wi-Fi streaming feature. The bad part is that it comes with a 4.1 channel surround sound which could have been improved. Also, some users have reported that it has firmware-related issues.

So this was our review of Best SoundBar in India. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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