Upcoming Smartphones in 2022

The future is always going to be more interesting, we’d be seeing a lot more changes in the upcoming smartphone technology in 2022. The past 5 years were a turning point for the tech industry and specifically the smartphone industry of the World.

We have seen a lot more changes in smartphones during this time period. I used to dream about the bezel-less notch-less smartphones 7 to 8 years ago and now it’s reality. Many brilliant smartphone companies are working day and night to make smartphones the gadget of the future. Apple changed the way of smartphones by implementing a notch and Samsung did it with its Foldable device. Now the upcoming smartphones are going to be more enhanced in the upcoming year and we will be seeing a lot more new futuristic devices.

There are many devices in the row that are waiting to be launch and we will be discussing all of them. There are many awesome smartphone companies who proved themself genius in this industry. Chineses manufactures are always come up with cheap alternatives and for the last decade, they were known for their low-quality products. But somehow they have managed to break the conception, companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi have been able to make a good reputation in the heart of smartphone lovers.

So due to Corona Virus, we will surely see a slow smartphone launching but the innovations will not stop. In this post, we are going to talk about the best upcoming smartphones for 2022. All the phones fall under the mid-range and flagship segment and are expected to be packed with a lot more innovations and designs. We will be seeing a lot more changes in the design of smartphones also.

Check out the best upcoming smartphones for 2021.

iPhone 14 Series


The iPhone is one of the most demanding phones on the planet, people are always crazy about Apple products. We have seen many awesome devices from Apple in the past 5 to 6 years and they all were awesome to use. From iPhone 6 series they started adopting a new design and strategy for their smartphones which ended with the iPhone 10’s design when they introduced a bezel-less notch display which was a complete creative piece by the company, and the trend is still going on with iPhone 12 and 13 series.

However, it is expected this device is going to come with a different type of screen setup and the same design, it is said to be coming with a no-notch display than the previous series of iPhones. The phone is rumored to have a 120Hz ProMotion display out of the box, which is a stunning upgrade from the previous series. It is also being said that the upcoming Apple smartphone will have a fingerprint scanner on the glass screen, that means if your display is cracked and you wanted to replace it then the touch ID will be disabled, that can cause huge problem to its users.

According to a report, there will be the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Mini, 14 Pro, and the 14 Pro Max, a total of 4 models device. These phones will be powered by the massive powerful Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chip. The upcoming iPhone will run on the latest iOS 15. Also, we will see huge camera improvements in the upcoming phone’s it is said to be packed with better zooming capabilities, also you will get a very improved night mode sensor.

Like the iPhone 13, it is said to be coming with portrait mode in videos also. We were seeing portrait mode which blurs the background and focuses of a particular subject in pictures will now be present in video mode.

The phone is said to have 8k shooting capabilities and it will have the ability to record videos in ProRes format which is a high quality, lossy video compression from Apple. This is mainly used in post-production for videos up to 8K resolutions.

A piece of stunning news about the iPhone 14 series, the phone will have massive camera updates as per the report these phones are going to be very improved in terms of the camera than the previous series. The launch date of this upcoming smartphone from Apple is expected to be in 2022 September.

OnePlus 9RT

One of the fasted growing companies in the smartphone world is again ready to launch its upcoming smartphones for the future. It can be called the successor to the OnePlus 9 series which is very awesome and comes with powerful specs out of the box. But now they are going into an extreme price tag as we have seen with the OnePlus 9 Pro which costs approx $1000. So calling OnePlus only a mid-range smartphone maker is not right which they were used to be called.

Talking about the 9RT it is going to be an awesome device but that’s it most of the time we see a similar design with the T variant from the previous series. There are a lot of chances that the company will be using an upgraded processor called Snapdragon 895 with this device, which will be a noticeable upgrade from the OnePlus 9 series because the current smartphone runs on Snapdragon 888 chipset. Obviously upgrading it too much will make the buyers of the previous phone feels like cheating. But that’s the way OnePlus works, their smartphone becomes older in just 6 to 7 months. There are chances that we will see an upgrade in the cameras too, the upcoming smartphone called the OnePlus 9RT will be more serious in terms of everything than the current devices.

According to a leak, the upcoming smartphone from Oneplus is said to have a Samsung LTPO OLED display that packs a 120Hz variable refresh rate. A tipster on Chinese site Weibo said that there will be a Samsung E4 LTPO OLED display that is a 120Hz variable refresh rate screen on the 9RT along with full-HD+ resolution. However, there are no other details about the phone yet. But the leaks

It is mostly expected to come with Warp Charge 30 Wireless system to charge extremely faster in wireless mode.

Galaxy Note 30

The successor of Note20 will be called Note30 yes you heard it right, now Samsung has changed the naming scheme of their Galaxy series. Now we will see a jump of 10 numbers in all upcoming smartphone series from Samsung. It’s not the first time they did this after the Galaxy S11 we have seen the Galaxy S20 series instead of S12. Let’s not get into this so much, the name doesn’t matter every time, the thing important is how nicely they are going to introduce this device to the world and what are the specs and features they will offer with it.

Still, there is very little info in the market, but surprisingly it is getting interesting day by day. Some news suggests that Samsung may discontinue the complete Galaxy Note series of their smartphone. The Reuter published an article that claims that they will be discounting high-end note series smartphones. The site called Pocket-lint has explained that it can happen because the S series and Note series of smartphones are very similar in terms of specs and people always confuse to buy one out of these two.

A report is also claiming that it is not discontinued, but there will be no Note series of smartphones from the company this year, which means we will see a new smartphone in 2022.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

It was a long-awaited phone from Microsoft, we were expecting a Microsoft Foldable phone for the past many years. The phone was in rumors for so long and not even single exact words were delivered from the Company itself until Q4 of 2019 when they announced a device called Microsoft Surface Duo. So finally in 2020 August, it went for pre-orders at a price of approx $1500 and that is massive.

In terms of specs, it packs 5.6-inch AMOLED (1800×1350); 8.1 inches combined. The phone is powered by Snapdragon 855 processor with 6GB of RAM. There is an 11MP (ƒ/2.0) camera out of the box.

So overall specs look pretty decent, but now it’s time for the Microsoft Surface Duo 2, and expectations are again high from Microsoft, with its Duo 2. In terms of specs and pricing, nothing is yet clear about the device, but I personally don’t wanna see that crap fat-bezel design again in their upcoming smartphone. The $1500 price tag is way too high for any device like this but if one is ready to pay this much amount then it must be out of the world.

It is said to be coming this year according to the information published on Windowslatest. In terms of pricing, It is expected to come in two variants 128GB storage will cost US$1,399.99 and the 256GB storage will cost US$1,499.99. However, for the specs, there is nothing yet clear but as per the market trends, it will have 5G connectivity for sure. Rest specs are yet to be disclosed.

Let’s see what they are going to do with the upcoming device in 2022.

LG Phone (B Project)

LG is losing its smartphone market rapidly, they used to sell a lot of smartphones earlier. But now the market is captured by Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus which are continuously producing innovative smartphones for their audience.

As per the new information LG is looking to make a big comeback in the smartphone industry with the super innovative rollable device. Yes if you don’t know about LG’s rollable display then let me tell you that they displayed a rollable display at CES back in 2016 which is almost 4 years from now. So we can imagine how good they are at this technology and seeing it on a smartphone will be really interesting.

The specs of the LG’s rollable phone are still unclear but the display quality will be of the next level you can check in the video below that how their rollable display works. The expected launch date of the smartphone is June 2022. Let hope for more updates on this in the future.

iPhone SE 2 Plus


Apple budget iPhone is expected to get its successor in 2022. However, it’s already called a successor to the iPhone SE called iPhone SE 2020 or 2. Now the latest variant of the company’s budget phone will get a successor in 2022 called iPhone SE 2 Plus.

Apple is already working on its iPhone SE Plus and it is said to have a bigger display which is expected around a 5.5-inch Retina HD display. This will be a bigger alternative to iPhone SE 2. Also, the phone is said to have a bezel-less design to make it feel more modern. If you look at the current iPhone SE 2 It looks so modern.

They might use an upgraded Bionic chipset in the plus variant to make it extra powerful and high-end. The pricing of the upcoming phone is also expected to be way much lower than the standard iPhones.

Still commenting more on this device is unfair because there is nothing official from the company, but the reputed sources from the industry are confirming another budget device from Apple. Let see what exactly is happening in 2022 till then stay tuned.

Galaxy S22

After the launch of the S21 flagship smartphone, it’s very obvious that now they will go for an upgrade. The Galaxy S21 series is a beast in terms of everything from design to specs it’s a full package.

Next year in the 1st quarter of 2022 we will see the S22 from the company that is great news for Samsung flagship lovers. A new report from TomsGuide claims that it will launch in January 2022, they are really trusted at Samsung leaks so we have to believe this.

It is rumored that the phone will be powered by Samsung’s own high-end Exynos chipset along with Snapdragon’s upcoming chip 895 in some regions. Above you can see the recent so-called concept render of Galaxy S22 that looks really stunning. The biggest improvement on the upcoming Samsung galaxy Galaxy device will be an under-display camera. This will make the upcoming smartphone a true full-screen phone because previously we were seeing a punch-hole at the top of the display, but now this will be removed according to a report from LetsGoDigital. How exactly it will work? yes, there will be a camera present on the screen, but it will be hidden inside the screen until you don’t turn it on.

In terms of the camera, the phone is expected to come with a massive 200MP camera. According to a report Olympus, a well-known Japanese camera maker has partnered with Samsung for the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera. As per the report, it will feature a 5-lens, and whooping 200MP, Olympus-branded camera. That is really interesting to see that how it is actually going to perform in real life. This can really change the camera tech in upcoming smartphones and that’s not surprising if we started getting this type of camera in other flagship smartphones too. If the report came true then this is going to compete with DSLRs.

Nokia 10

The lost company called Nokia is gearing up to launch its new smartphone which can be called as Nokia 10. We all know the story of its destruction by Microsoft, but for a few years, they are trying really hard to get them back into the smartphone market. Sometimes it looks that they are back but after that, it’s all empty from the company.

Recently they had launched many good smartphones but they weren’t that successful in the market. But as per the rumors, Nokia is planning something big for 2022, where they will be introducing its flagship device Nokia 10. Yes, Nokia 10 is expected for so long but it never happened. However, if rumored to believe they are coming with a killer flagship and a camera-centric device in 2022.

It is expected to be packed with 5G technology and along it will be supported by PureView technology for its cameras. Rest things are not year clear but I will update it here once I got any other information about the upcoming Nokia smartphone.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the post if you have any questions then put them below in the comments I will love to answer them.

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