Knowledge Points about HUAWEI Mobile Phone & HONOR Mobile Phone

  1. What is the difference between P series and Mate series?

Mate series is the products with strong sense of technology. It is suitable for technology users and fashion people. It has the latest processor chips. Including 5G and other latest technologies.

The P series pays attention to elegant elements, artistic feeling. P series have the latest and strongest photographing technology.

  1. HUAWEI Mate’s top-level configuration series phones have some features:

It has the latest research results of HUAWEI Kirin chip. It has the latest large version of HUAWEI EMUI. Large screen & long endurance & fast charging & many business functions.

  1. Publish time 

Mate publish rule: September to October every year. P series publish rule: February to April every year. The high-end flagship product of Mate series is TOP1, and P series is TOP2. HUAWEI Nova publish rule: May to July every year. Mate series and P series both pursue performance, material and workmanship. They have HUAWEI’s new research and development achievements.

Version updates give priority to Mate series and P series.

  1. Models of HONOR:

Most of the selling points of HONOR smartphones are cost performance. They have the following characteristics. HONOR flagship products: digital series. It focuses on high-performance fashion style. It is a high-performance mobile phone in everyone’s eyes. This kind of mobile phone has good performance. HONOR flagship product V series focuses on high performance and large screen. HONOR V series is better than HONOR digital series. HONOR Note Series is suitable for game lovers. It is published every 2 years. HONOR Play focuses on high-performance games, its positioning changed in 2019. HONOR Magic: Focus on new technology features. HONOR Play: Focuses on low-end and medium-end popular style. I recommend the X series. The Series C and Series A may not be as good as that of Series X.

Second, which series has better performance? Which series is most worth buying?

The order is this. Mate series. P series. HONOR digital series. HONORV series. Nova series. HONOR Play series. HONOR Magic series. HONOR Note series. The recommended order for performance is this. Mate, P, HONOR digital series and HONOR V series. For cost performance, I recommend 3 series. Mate, HONOR Digital Series and HONOR Play Series. Some people have limited budgets. They pursue high performance and high cost performance. They can buy mobile phones with low brand premium, high performance and cost performance. Such as HONOR digital or HONORV series flagship models.

Game lovers with lower budgets can choose the HUAWEI HONOR Play series, which focuses on high-performance games.

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