LG Posted About its New Upcoming Flagship Smartphone

LG is working hard towards its new upcoming smartphone, they recently stated about discontinuing G series production. That’s because they are working toward a new range of their future flagship smartphones. This sounds pretty fair, it been too long since they are up with their G series and recently it doesn’t work so well. So why not give a try with a new range of smartphones with fresh branding.

All are speculating about whats new cooking in the house, and finally, LG itself revealed the sketches of their new smartphone, can be seen below. It reveals that the new upcoming smartphone from LG will be featuring a brand new design that looks great. Also at the back, it can be seen with a raindrop triple rear camera with a LED flash.

This is completely surprising, it is a whole new reborn of a series which doesn’t relate to any other device of their series of smartphone till now.

Talking more about the phone it shows up with a 3D Arc Design. The edges of the phone are smoothly curved which makes it more premium and classy.

We haven’t heard a word on specs about this device from LG, but few rumors in the market say that it will be coming with 5G technology out of the box. Overall we are going to see flagship-grade specs in this device too like other flagship smartphones in the market will be.

2020 will be the year for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor like we will see many popular smartphones under this beast from OnePlus 8 series to Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and few more upcoming Xiaomi smartphones later this year.

So it highly likely that we are going to see the upcoming Flagship smartphone with this processor only. There are no words on camera in the market but after looking at the sketches and the camera setup on the device. We can clearly assume that they will be packing a great camera all the time on a particular smartphone.

Rest there is still many more things left to be revealed by the company itself and in upcoming days we will be seeing many specs from the company itself.

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