Mi (Xiaomi) orders Sapphire displays for upcoming smartphone

Chinese smartphone maker Mi (Xiaomi) has asked South Korean manufacturers to produce 50,000 Sapphire displays for a limited edition premium smartphone that maybe launched as early as the year end, South Korea’s Economic Times reports.

Earlier leaks suggested that Apple is considering the use of Sapphire in its screens for the highest model of iPhone 6 (4.7 inch and 5.5 inch variant). Sapphire screens are said to be scratch-resistant and more durable then Gorilla glass.

Yet again, Xiaomi has decided to replicate Apple. Previously they have made MIUI 5 which entirely has an iOS-like feeling and many more.

Known as ‘Apple of China’ Mi (Xiaomi) has teased the Redmi 1s in India along with a smartphone building competition.

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