OnePlus DR-1 Drone is being teased, going on sale in April

OnePlus is entering a completely new product category. The product of the future, the drones. OnePlus is teasing a new product which will be called the OnePlus DR-1.

OnePlus has been teasing a game changing product since few days. According to a Reddit OnePlus AMA, the company will be launching a drone called OnePlus DR-1. It will go on sale starting April 2015. The drone is being tested for a while now. The company posted an image on their Instagram page around three months ago.

OnePlus DR-1 is expected to be a game changing product. There is not much details available on the design, specifications or the pricing for that matter. However, it might have an action camera built on top of it if we go by the Instagram image posted by OnePlus.

We can expect to get all the details soon, when the OnePlus DR-1 is unveiled. It will go on sale in April. OnePlus is known for its value for money products and the DR-1 should follow the same path. It will be affordable and ready to be consumed by the mass market.

The drone industry is still at 1.0 level and has not taken off yet (at least in India) and is a big opportunity for technology companies to get into. OnePlus choosing to enter the drones product category ahead of the wearables, is a sign of something about to explode in this sector. The company also launched its own power bank which recently went on sale in USA.

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