OnePlus One on Amazon India goes on open sale on March 24

OnePlus One on Amazon India goes on open sale on March 24 at 10 AM. You will not need any invite to buy this device.

Both the 16GB and 64GB variant of OnePlus One on Amazon India will go on open sale at 10 AM on March 24, 2015. There will be limited number of units on sale.

The timing of open sale is very interesting as the Honor 6 Plus is launching exclusively on Flipkart on March 24 as well which is more or less in the same price segment as the OnePlus One. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge would be launched in India on March 23.

The pricing of OnePlus One will EU region will be increased from March 25 due to falling value of the currency. The new price of 16GB will be €299 and 64GB variant will be €349. OnePlus One goes on open sale every Tuesday globally and consumers will get one last chance on March 24 to buy it at the current price.

The Indian pricing will not be changed immediately but OnePlus is assessing the situation and it might go up in the near future. So, it is advisable to buy your preferred OnePlus One variant from Amazon India on March 24.

Also, the in-house OxygenOS based on Lollipop is coming on or before March 27 which is an added incentive to buy the device.

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