OnePlus One will not be an Amazon exclusive anymore, coming to Flipkart soon

OnePlus One launched in India as an Amazon exclusive. Xiaomi launched as a Flipkart exclusive. Being an exclusive was ‘the thing’ to be but not anymore. The game is getting bigger and the stakes are higher than ever before. Go big or go home is the motto.

Xiaomi broke away from being a Flipkart exclusive and now serves its consumers on Amazon, Snapdeal,, The Mobile Store and Airtel. OnePlus India is finally gearing up to do the same and will start with selling the ‘One’ on Flipkart.

A reliable source has informed us that the OnePlus One will start selling on Flipkart from June 22, if all goes well and there isn’t any unnecessary delay. Expect a teaser or announcement from OnePlus India soon. The 64GB Sandstone variant is expected to go on sale but we are not sure about the pricing – will it be sold at the usual price or we will have another sale to start the proceedings on Flipkart? We will have more on that soon.

If we go by the Twitter feed of the Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, it’s all about ‘Go big or go home!’. OnePlus gave full-page of ads on national dailies to promote the OnePlus One sale on Amazon. This is against the philosophy of startups like Xiaomi and OnePlus who thrive on word-of-mouth publicity and has negligible marketing budget. But the game is changing now. OnePlus is starting off with Flipkart but might hop on other online market places along with their own website ( in the future to sell their devices in India. They might even go offline but maintaining the pricing will be a challenge. However, it’s all in the future but OnePlus One is coming to Flipkart on June 22. If not on Monday because of some delay, then sometime soon.

If you’re waiting for something new from OnePlus, they have confirmed that OnePlus 2 will be “cooler than ever” with an updated v2.1 Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC and in-house OxygenOS on board. The device will also be priced above US $322 (original cost of ‘One’) due to top-of-the-line processor and other hardware, according to OnePlus.

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