OnePlus OxygenOS based on Lollipop delayed

OnePlus OxygenOS was supposed to release today (March 27) but has been delayed. The custom ROM based on Lollipop is not coming today. OnePlus is entering the drone category with the DR-1 soon.

OnePlus on a Reddit AMA has acknowledged that the OxygenOS will not be available for downloads yet. When asked about its release, a OnePlus official said,

“I’m afraid not. We have five phones ready. Again, both releases are ready (I’m using CM 12S, Carl is using OxygenOS as daily drivers) and it’s just certification taking a bit longer.”

So, OnePlus One enthusiasts looking to test the brand new custom ROM will have to wait a while now. It is undergoing certification and should be launched very soon. However, the company will be giving away as promised if they couldn’t release it on or before March 27.


OxygenOS’ most important feature is, it will not come loaded with any bloatware. OnePlus plans to keep it clean and streamlined for performance. It will be battery life and system efficient. It will stay true to its name and offer a seamless experience which is lightweight and essential. A team of talented Android developers are working on it.

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