Redmi 1s gets an OTA update to MIUI 5 v45 that fixes heating, RAM availability and UI performance

The Redmi 1s has been in news since it went on sale on September 2 and Xiaomi has sold  3,90,000 units of so far in India through five flash sales in batches of 40,000 and 60,000 units and one mega sale of 1,50,000 units on Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale. Another 1,00,000 units will go on sale today and people cannot get enough of it. Though it has received a fair share of criticism, with the v45 OTA update it fixes most of the problems.

Xiaomi has pushed an over-the-air system update (v45) for the Redmi 1s which is 514.4MB in size, few hours back which promises to solve Redmi 1s’ most widely reported issues. The Redmi 1s has extremely good hardware with respect to its price with the best display and camera in this budget segment although it had software glitches along with low RAM availability and major heating issues. Xiaomi had earlier acknowledged these issues and said they were working on it.

Today, Xiaomi Global’s Vice President, Hugo Barra who is known to be quite social took to his facebook profile and posted a detailed account on this OTA update. First of all, Xiaomi received huge feedback from a large number of users which helped them to identify these important issues. Lets have a look at what issues have been fixed.

Heating and Battery Life

Redmi 1s users had complained of the phone getting heated which sometimes reached above 45C. Xiaomi has now improved thermal control algorithm to better regulate temperature and promises to keep it under 38C in normal usage conditions. This would also improve battery life according to their internal testing and beta testers. The company promises to continue optimising temperature control in future builds and is asking the users to send their valuable feedback.

RAM availability

While playing heavy games or running multiple apps on the Redmi 1s, they got killed or forced quit automatically.  We ourselves have faced this issue in our review unit which we got from Xiaomi last week (review coming soon). Now, the company tells us that it has made a few significant improvements in how MIUI manages RAM on a 1 GB device, which has resulted in noticeable improvements.

UI performance

Redmi 1s users had complained about the device suffering from performance issues such as frame rate drops and UI lags. They were mostly seen while performing intensive tasks like gaming and we have faced this as well. It was caused by CPU throttling due to overheating and lack of RAM availability. This issue has been addressed in this update and Xiaomi will continue to monitor the situation.

Hugo Barra has also clarified on the processor and battery specs. The Redmi 1s comes with a 1.6 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8228 chipset as correctly noted on and Flipkart but some third-party apps like CPU-Z shows it as MSM8226. It’s because these apps get their information from the build.prop file inherited by the chipset driver, which represents itself as MSM8226 in both processors. This situation is also seen in other phones like Xolo Q1100 and users shoudn’t worry about it.

The Redmi 1s comes with Lithium-ion Polymer battery. had earlier listed it as ‘Li-ion’ which has now been corrected. Some third-party apps also incorrectly reported a ‘Li-ion’ battery which was the result of a similar issue to the processor mismatch. Xiaomi has found out a simple fix for this which they will roll out with the next OTA along with other fixes, if any.

It is really heartening to see Xiaomi taking user feedback and providing quick updates to address issues. MIUI is not perfect but this philosophy of taking user feedback and constantly updating the OS to make it perfect, makes it one of the most used custom ROMs in the world.

We were almost ready with our Review of the Redmi 1s but we would like to test the updated version for few days and publish a review based on that. Anyway, this update is the best news ever for them who are looking to purchase the Redmi 1s today. 100,000 units will be up for grab on Flipkart at 2pm today, so best of luck

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