Royole FlexPai 2, Galaxy Z Fold 2 Competitor is Launching Soon

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was not the first in the world to launch with a bendable display. Yes, you heard it right, there is an unknown or you can say the lesser-known company called Royole, who had launched its first bendable smartphones as FlexPai.

The Chinese are good at making craps but also at the same time they can produce good technology, that’s why the South Korean giant aka Samsung wasn’t the first smartphone maker to launch a bendable smartphone.

There were some serious problems in the design of the previous model of this smartphone that’s where the Chinese manufacturers lack, they make devices but don’t work on disability and other things.

But now the Chinese company is claiming that they have overcome all the problems in the previous FlexaPi. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 competitor will be called FlexPai 2 and it will be launching on 21st September this month.

However, they have already revealed a lot of specs of the device before launch. As per the company, it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, along with LPDDR5 RAM variants that can be of 8GB and 12GB out of the box. Undoughty it will have 5G connectivity and UFS 3.0 flash storage.

As per the rumors, the phone will have a 64MP rear camera and at the front, it will have a 32MP sensor for selfies and video calling. But it will be also exciting to see the new design which they are claiming to be really perfect in terms of everything.

The most important thing I forget to mention is the price, there is nothing official about the price yet. As per the rumors, it will be cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 2. If you are not able to buy a foldable device from the South Korean giant there can be space for you the afford the Chinese FlexPai 2.

I will also suggest not to do hurry in buying Chinese smartphones but check the reviews from professional and trusted sources then go for it if you want.

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