5 Cool Things To Try On A Macbook In 2023

5 Cool Things You Can Try On a MacBook In 2023 to Kill Boredom

One main thing that differentiates Mac from other operating systems is that it works wholly on its own native software, unlike other OS that lets other third-party applications download and run on their operating system.

Below Are The 5 Cool Thing You Can Try On Your Macbook 

Play Chess & Mind Games

Are you a chess player or interested in playing mind games? You will like this tip to pass your time and kill boring moments. All Mac operating system versions come with a preinstalled chess application. To launch the game, go to the Applications folder, and you will find your game there.

You can choose to play it with your friends or with the computer as an opponent. If you wish, you can download games and try your luck at it.

Several games are resource-heavy and demand higher specifications while consuming more drive space. Therefore, it’s better to clear some of your trash and download folders from time to time or opt for an external drive space if you want to run heavy application games.

Use Siri to Listen and Talk 

Listening to your voice and replying to you was a cool feature launched by Apple with Mac OS Sierra in 2016. Now with the advancement of new versions, Siri is not only left to tell you about the current weather or who’s playing in the playoff, but it can also handle more advanced functions.

Siri can now do multiple tasks like it can launch an app on your command, it can do various functions with Wi-fi and Bluetooth, it can select an individual file, and much more.

To use this feature, you need to press the Command + Space keys for a couple of seconds or just click the Siri button on the menu bar. If you want your Macbook to work under your voice commands, then this trick is for you.

Sign a PDF in Mail

If you want to sign a document and you don’t have a printer, or you don’t want to print it, sign it, and scan it again, then following this tip will help. With the Mac operating system, you can sign your documents on your Mac itself.

You need to drag a PDF into the email you are sending. At the top of the email, you will see a little button, click on it, and then tap on signing the document. Now to add your signature, you can do your sign on a piece of paper and place it at the front of your webcam.

You can also add your signature by signing it on your trackpad. In both ways, you can add your signature to your document without printing it.

Split Your Screen for Multitasking

If you want to watch a video and need to have a look at your working document at the same moment, then this feature might be beneficial for you. Split View in Macbook allows two applications to work simultaneously and present you by sharing the task on the same screen.

In Mac OS Mojave or older, you will need to do a left-click on the green maximize button available on the top left side of the screen, then move it to the left and right side of your display as per your own convenience.

But if you use Mac OS Catalina, things are a little bit different. You will need to click the left button and hold on to the green maximum button, which brings you to a dropdown menu in which you can choose to Enter Full Screen, Tilt window to Left, or Tilt window to the right.

Dividing the applications into half might reduce the size of it a little bit but still a useful feature to work on both the applications simultaneously.

Make a Custom Keyboard Shortcut

Shortcut keys are a great way of doing things much easier. But in Macbook, these keyboard shortcut commands are not just only limited by the developers; in fact, you can create your own shortcut commands for any particular application.

All you need to do is go to System Preferences, click On Your Mechanical Keyboard, and tap on App Shortcuts. Then press the + button to add a new shortcut to the selected item. You can also choose for which app you want this shortcut from the drop-down list. But you will have to use the correct cases and special characters for that command. Once done, press Add, and the custom shortcut is ready to use.

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