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Rollable Phones

Rollable Phones are the new big thing in the Smartphone industry. The smartphone’s future is definitely bright as most manufacturers are now focusing on future technology, invention, and innovations. Foldable phones are already here and before 4-5 years we could not even imagine these phones. Smartphone manufacturers are making the upcoming smartphones in a way so that these big-sized smartphones can easily fit in our pockets but these phones are no smaller than tablets so it will increase productivity.

The smartphone brands believe that they will convert our big and bulky workstations into a compact and portable size and they are starting with Smartphones. During the short teaser at CES 2021, the rollable phones were announced and the LG Rollable Phone is already on its way to launch soon in the market.

The LG Rollable Smartphones will be the first one to arrive in the market, LG had announced their Rollable smartphone and we are sure that other smartphone brands are also finding a way to innovate something new in the smartphones. We may soon get to see the LG Rollable Smartphone, however, there are some rumors that LG has abandoned the project and they are quitting the smartphone market, if this is true then there will be no Rollable Smartphone this year, as no other brand has even talked about the rollable smartphone. LG was the first one to do so, but if they exit then it is possible, that we may not see any other rollable smartphone.

Rollable smartphones

The Upcoming Rollable Phones

Rollable Phones are not out yet, but there are a lot of cool and amazing Rollables coming out from different brands which possibly will make drastic changes in the Smartphone industry, however, the prices of these smartphones are also a big concern and if the price is expensive then we may not see any major impact on the industry.

The 2 major appealing thing about a rollable smartphone is the form factor and the durability. These 2 things are a big concern as previously we have seen that the Samsung foldable was creating some serious issues for the users and the company as well.

It was reported that the Samsung Galaxy Fold was extremely fragile which has been fixed in the next version of the phone which is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. But according to some users, they are still facing some issues with the folding screen of Fold 2, and according to Samsung this is happening due to too much usage of the folding mechanism, it sounded very odd but it is true that there is a lot of time when we can adopt these type of innovative smartphones.

So now let’s discuss the upcoming Rollable Smartphones.

LG Rollable Smartphone

LG Rollable Smartphone

The LG Rollable Phone is the first one to come upon this list. This will be an amazing smartphone with all the great features. It will have the best processor which is Snapdragon 888, as of now. Along with different RAM variants. This rollable phone will be opened up when you slide it from one side. The phone will get extended from 2 sides and that is how you will be able to use the rollable phone. If you do not understand what we just said then have a look at this figure:

Now, if you look at the image above, you can understand that the rolling mechanism has been installed on 2 sides of the phone, and that is how it will get extended. This rollable phone will be the first one of its kind, as LG is the first brand to release this smartphone in 2021, but there are some rumors that LG has canceled this project, have a look at the tweets below.

So, the news says that the first LG has been canceled due to a disagreement between the buyer and seller. Also, LG is quitting the Smartphone industry, so there is very high chance that we don’t get to see any of the rollable phones this year.

Oppo X Rollable Smartphone

Oppo X Rollable Smartphone

Another rollable in this list is from Oppo and they have even mentioned this prototype on their official website. As of this, this is just a concept device that has been designed to test rolling components and parts, but we can confirm that we will get this to see this phone soon. We are not confirming the release dates etc, but many popular Smartphone reviews have even got their hands on with Oppo X rollable phone. Oppo has been known for its experiments and innovations and we can expect this phone to come out soon, but it may not be possible this year.

TCL Rollable Phone

TCL Rollable Phone

TCL is not very popular when it comes to smartphone brands. The leaks say that the TCL concept phone is rollable and foldable which sounds odd but leaks have confirmed that. TCL brand is very popular in European countries like USA or UK and they are mostly associated with TVs and not with Smartphones, but in a report, it has been revealed that they are actually working on a rollable and foldable smartphone. This news first came out when TCL announced their splashy prototype concept during CES 2021.

It is very clear that we are going to get a lot of new and upcoming smartphones with different experiments from the brands and this includes the rollable and foldable features. Definitely, we are not only going to use traditional smartphones in the future, the future is different from that. And the rollable phones will be on the list of futuristic phones for sure.

So this was all about Rollable Phones and the future of Smartphones. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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