What is Binomo and how to trade – overview of trading platform in India, tutorials and app

An Overview of Binomo Trading Platform in India

Considering all of the online trading platforms, Binomo shines out with its popularity and reliability. With its high rated apps on Google Play and App Store, Binomo proves its authenticity and customer satisfaction. Of course, some users try to misguide others with questions such as “Is Binomo real or fake?” or “Is Binomo legal in India?” No, they are not.

Binomo is not a scam or fraud, but the users who don’t read the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy during the registration process may act against the platform rules, and therefore, the Binomo account of this user can be suspended or blocked.
Binomo is an online trading company with a VMT (Verify My Trade) certificate, supporting that Binomo is a reliable trading platform not only in India, but also in over 130 countries of the world. The company has been active since 2014 and has been serving thousands of traders every day.
But what is Binomo generally? Please continue reading this review to find out more about the Binomo website or app.

What is Binomo?

Binomo is a customer-focused platform that creates new opportunities in the leading online trading market. Binomo operates worldwide in many countries and provides quality access to financial markets around the world.
Binomo offers various assets to trade, such as the indices, commodities, equities, currency pairs, etc. You have to predict if the asset you choose will rise or decrease in value. You are also free to choose the time interval. For example, you can select 1 min or 5 mins or even an hour.
In Binomo, predictions should be made as a result of long-term effort and work. A trader should forecast according to the studied strategies and analytic data Don’t forget that traders are likely to lose some of their deposits in case of incorrect forecast, without mastering their trading skills.

Binomo reviews from real users

The best way to learn about Binomo is to read the comments of real traders. Binomo trading is prevalent among traders all over the world, including India, and they also share their experiences on social media platforms such as Youtube:
Sergei S. “Who wants to earn extra income – I advise you to try the Binomo platform. The project has been working and regularly withdraws funds for a long time.”
Priya M. “Hello, Binomo is a reliable platform. I am based out of India and it is a new entry here. I would recommend this to people who want to start trading. It is definitely not a scam as I have not lost any funds.”
Milind P. “The Binomo platform with excellent customer support services in Hindi and 24×7 available. It’s a very good way to earn extra income from home.”

What is a Binomo app?

Binomo app is an alternative to the website. It is available for both Android and iPhone users. Just go to the Google Play or App Store and search for the app. Sometimes some android users may encounter some problems while downloading the application. If that’s the case, please download the Binomo apk by this link: https://binomo.com/en/promo/android. Binomo apk is designed only for android users.

Sign In & Login

It is not difficult to register with Binomo. Just go to the official site https://binomo.com/ and complete your registration by filling out the special form. Please, indicate in the required fields email address, password, the currency of your account, etc. Read the Client Agreement and confirm that you accept the terms. Confirm your registration using the link from the email from Binomo.
Another way is to use a Google or Facebook account. Click the “Login” button in the upper right corner of the page and enter your details. Done! Now you can start trading on Binomo.
H2: How to use Binomo.com?
Some Indian traders ask how to play Binomo. But the trading platform isn’t a game. To trade online, you need to watch tutorial videos, study strategies, and understand how the Binomo works. You can also find answers to your detailed questions in the Help Center section.

Account Types

Binomo accounts were customized to provide the best online trading experience for its users. There are four different account types:


● It’s a free account designed for beginner level traders.
● It’s funded with $1000 virtual funds by Binomo.
● The virtual funds in this account is for learning & practice purposes only.
● A trader cannot withdraw or deposit real funds in this type of account.


● It’s an entry-level user account.
● You have to deposit a minimum of $10.
● Offers +40 assets.

● You have a cumulative deposit of $500.
● Offers +45 assets.
● Provides up to a 5% refund for unprofitable trades.
● Access to a personal manager and transaction insurance.


● You have a cumulative deposit of $1000.
● Offers +55 assets.
● Provides up to a 10% refund for unprofitable trades.
● Access to a personal manager and transaction insurance.
● The ability to enter into risk-free transactions.


There are a lot of official tutorial videos and materials about how to trade on Binomo. The platform also provides free education, strategies, and a demo account for its users to learn online trading on Binomo.

Deposit & Withdrawal

How can you withdraw the extra income you got from Binomo?
● Click on the “Cashier” button.
● Indicate the withdrawal amount.
● Enter your payment method details.
Once you complete these steps, you will get your funds within 3 days, depending on your account type and payment method. At the same time, funds are withdrawn only to a bank card or e-wallet that you used to replenish the deposit.

Is Binomo a fraud or not?

Binomo isn’t a fraud but a safe trading platform. Dolphin Corp. is the owner of the Binomo brand. The company is registered under the law with the 25151 IBC 2018 registration number, and is an “A” category member of The Financial Commission, an external dispute resolution organization. This demonstrates that Binomo performs a transparent attitude in activities. It also means that your claims will be approached and solved fast if you have a claim or a problem with Binomo trade.


Binomo is one of the ways of getting extra earnings online. For a better trading experience, Binomo offers:
● Mobile app (or apk)
● Tens of assets and indicators
● Free training and demo account for practice
● Online customer support service (support@binomo.com)
● Strategies & demo account
Traders of different levels should remember that there are always risks present in online trading. An incorrect forecast can result in the loss of your deposit.

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