Whatsapp Androidwear support now out of Beta

Earlier this month we have given our best Android Wear apps available in Google Play. Whatsapp Messenger was one of them. More than 600m people use Whatsapp on a daily basis.

Whatsapp has come out of beta giving support to Androidwear devices. After the release of the beta app (build number 2.11.318) for Android Wear, they have updated the main stream app with build number 3.11.362 which is available to all via Google PLaystore. So the users who didn’t tried the beta app can get now Whatsapp notification buzzing at their wrists.

The update to the main app includes most of the standard Wear messaging stuff: full long message viewing, nested/stacked messages with sliding navigation between them, and the usual reply via voice option. Incoming messages can be dismissed with a swipe, just like pretty much all Android Wear notifications. The update also includes the usual bug fixes and “improved message storage reliability,” but no other significant changes.

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