Best Headsets For PUBG Mobile, PC & Consoles Like PS4, Xbox

HeadsetsNo, doubt that PUBG is one of the most played games in the world right now. It is widely played on Mobile, PC, and Consoles across the world. I think it is the first game in the world that has this much presence in almost all the gaming platforms and getting a headset for PUBG is important to play it.

If we talk about the game itself it is a Players Unknown Battlegrounds called PUBG where up to 100 players land on an island. They get weapons and other armed types of equipment to survive, the main motive of the player or player’s team is to survive and become the last man standing.

The game offers a lot of real-life experiences, you get a completely human character who can pick real-life guns, drive vehicles, and more. You can even hear the footprints of your enemies with the surround sound technology embedded in the game. So headphones here come at work you can not listen to the footprints of the enemies with just smartphone speakers you need a device that supports surround sound and in that headsets do their job best. Not only in tracing footprints it will help you to find the direction of the shots fired by a weapon. Resting the headset on PUBG enhances the overall gaming experience. So it is really important to use the best headset for PUBG if you want to have quality gaming and increase your gaming performance like kills and survival rate.

There are many top companies that offer the best and most awesome headsets for PUBG. These all headsets fall under the budget, midrange, and high-end categories. I have tried to cover the best PUBG headsets from all price ranges so that your budget won’t stop you from buying your favorite devices.

Check the best PUBG headsets in 2020 for PC, Mobile, PS4, and XBOX.

SteelSeries Arctis 7SteelSeries Arctis 7

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SteelSeries is itself a trusted brand in the headset industry and undoubtedly Arctis 7 is one of the best headsets for PUBG under $150. The headset supports various platforms like PC, Mobile, PS3, PS4 Xbox, Xbox One, and One S.

The build and design quality of this device is awesome and while using it you gonna feel that. As per the company, it supports 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity that ensures the best lag-free PUBG experience out of the box. However, there are other headset options that provide up to 5GHz but at this budget, 2.4 GHz works very well for smooth gameplay.

It is being said by the company that it gives 1 day (24 hours of battery backup) and that’s the point where every PUBG lover attracts, more battery means lots of time to play your favorite game without any disturbance.

The device offers a 7.1 surrounds sound experience and as I said above surround sound is important for battle royale games without surround these types of games are very less interesting to be played. So this headset offers you an immersive surround experience out of the box.

The most lovable part of the headset is the comfortable and grippy design that allows you to wear it for a long time, and enjoy the PUBG.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

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HyperX is a well-known brand in the Gaming industry for computing types of equipment. The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a super awesome headset for PUBG in the market and it approximately costs around $100 sometimes the price fluctuates on Amazon.

Talking about the headset, it offers a very nice modern design that most gaming lovers love these days. It is super comfy for long hours gaming, it packs breathable leatherette on the earcups that don’t block the air and keep freshness inside. However, it is a wired headset for PUBG but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose it. It packs tons of modification features like adjustable bass sometimes we don’t like much bass effect then you can simply lower the bass effect just scrolling sliders given the headsets.

It has an Audio mix controller where you can do many adjustments like you can adjust your microphone and the gameplay volume at the same time, you can also mute as well. You can also activate 7.1 surround sound features in the headset just by tapping a single button on the controller.

The microphone on this headset is detachable so when you are not playing the game and wanted to use it for just music then you can simply take it out. But the performance of the microphone is super-premium it produces very pure quality audio along with noise-canceling, that’s will help your teammates to listen to your instructions clearly while playing the game.

HyperX Cloud IIHyperX Cloud II headsets

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Here we have another beauty from the house of HyperX it is one of the best values for money headsets in the market. If your budget is under $100 and wanted the best headset for PUBG then it can be your best choice, however, within this range, we have other devices on the list too.

It is a budget device so you might be expecting that it will be made of cheap quality then you are wrong. I am really surprised that it feels premium and solid in terms of built quality.

It is a wired device that supports 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound and undoubtedly it will give you the best surround sound while playing PUBG or any battle royale game out of the box. You will find a very well-padded form over your head and very comfy over-the-ear earcups. That makes it very comfortable to wear for long PUBG gameplay at that budget it feels really good and satisfactory.

There is also a detachable microphone with it which can be used to instruct your teammates while playing PUBG that is of very awesome quality and also does a good level of noise-canceling.

In terms of connectivity, you can use it with almost all the available devices on the Earth some are PC, Mobile, PS4, PS3, XBOX, One, and One S, can be also used on Mac devices as well.

Tips and suggestions:

Buying a headset for PUBG will help you to get an awesome experience and improvement in your gaming skills. But at the same time, a phone for PUBG mobile is also important if you don’t have a good or a decent smartphone, then you can’t get a good overall experience. It will not give you the correct amount of output to your headphones you will also notice several frames drop so choosing a good smartphone come in the first place then you can pick a good headset PUBG.

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