Shadow Fight 4 Release Date, Download, Trailer, and More

Shadow fight is an awesome game series all the time. There are lots of popular games in the world, especially for android. But there is some space left in the fighting games segment because we have a very little amount of good games in it and shadow fight 3 is one of them.

I have personally played this game because I was in the hunt for a great fighting game and after searching a lot I got this game which makes me feel like out of the world and something amazing.

It has everything that a fighting game lover could have ever wanted, full of actions, and the priority is its mind-blowing graphics experience. But in this post, I am discussing its upcoming successor called Shadow Fight 4.

It will be an enhanced version of Shadow fight 3 with many more improvements. If we talk about the current game it has many more great things to discuss. The heroes from three clans are fighting over for the shadow energy and the world is about to witness the destructive war. A so-called military tribe named the Legion wanted to destroy the harmful energy.

The player has an option to choose the character’s looks and fighting weapons, which makes it very dynamic. It offers a large variety of weapons such as hammers, swords, maces, spears, axes, Sabers, Staff, Shuang, Gou, Nunchaku, Guandao, Deer, Horns, Dadao, Composite, Glaive. It is also packed with Heralds Weapons like Katana, Sai, Naginata, Claws, Glaive, Iaido, Katana Kamas, Kusarigama, Whip, Katars.

The Shadow fight 4 is expected to get some new weapons and many futuristic weapons as well. The previous version of the game offers a lot of mind-blowing locations like Legion Dojo, The camp of Shadow Squad, Bamboo Fort, The Legion Castle, The prison of the Fortress, The Castle’s Throne Room, Cyber Legion Fortress, and many more. These all give you the best fighting experience. We expect the Shadow fight 4 to include new locations because now we are addicted to these locations and they don’t interest us anymore. So getting fresh new locations in Shadow Fight 4 will make the gamers more curious about this game. It is always fun to play fighting games in unique locations which makes your mindset as well.


We will get to see some outstanding special abilities in Shadow fight 4, and special abilities are the only things that make it more stand out in the fighting games industry. To be honest the soul of Shadow Fight Series are the skills and special abilities and we are expecting some best skills in the upcoming game.

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Release date?

The Shadow Fight 3 was released somewhere in 2017, but in the terms of Shadow fight 4, we might see a late and it could be released in 2021 or most probably in 2022 because they have recently released a new variant of this game called Shadow Fight Arena which allows PvP-focused gameplay as well as cross-compatible modes. So that makes sense to not release this game too early in and can take a few more years. However, there can be nothing said about the release date and some rumors also say that the game will be released in 2022, which is quite a long time for now. But these are rumors only and nothing has been confirmed yet from the company itself about the release date.


It is expected to get some of the best new and futuristic locations that we have never played on, which will make the player more amazed after playing it. The Shadow Fight 3 packs ancient locations but with the SF 4, we can expect a mixture of future and past.

Trailer and GamePlay

This is one of the finest trailers you can watch online and it relates to everything that we were talking about above. This trailer gives you the exact madness which is expected in the upcoming game Shadow Fight 4 out of the box. However, it is not real at all it’s just a fan-made trailer that is totally based on scenes from other games, and it’s fictional. Not a single poster and trailer were released from the company itself. Not only this but also Youtube is filled with many trailers like this.

Download Shadow Fight 4?

Still, it is not even released and not a single official tip from the company itself about this game. So expecting a download to this game is not possible. I request you not to fall into the trap of an online scammer who is putting fake APKs named Shadow Fight 4 and let you download a fake game or hacking software in it. These are the best trends in the market for scamming and hacking. People search for the download of the games which are not released and many sites use them to fool people and put fake APKs once you download and install. Your phone will be hacked instantly.

So we request you do not download any Shadow fight 4 APK from any other website.

Smartphone’s requirements

No dought that it is going to be packed with the best graphics experience of all time. So obvious it will be intensive enough to be played on a smartphone. We expected that you need to get a good processor along with 4GB of RAM in it to play. In 2021 there will be many upcoming smartphones that will be capable of running this game along also it can be played on budget smartphones with decent specs.

For more updates on Shadow Fight 4 stay connected to this post and we will keep you updated on everything happening related to Shadow Fight 4 in the market.

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  1. AHHHHH GRAMMAR. Also, how do you know about Shadow Fight 4, when Nekki hasn’t released a single shred of evidence that it’s coming? Look on their website to see if they had announced anything. In fact, let me link their website in this comment.

    1. LOL, my native language is not English, but I will try to improve it. I have talked about the expectations of this game. You are right not even single official evidence about this game is in the market. But why they will stop from making a successor if their previous game did extremely well, that’s the point.

  2. i cant wate guys please release fast or please relese multiplayer but in real player in shado fight ther are no multiplayer only option are there but thay are bots

  3. I hate to be that guy and im probably late to the party but anything with blood effects in this footage comes straight from For Honor, which I’ve played on ps4 and its absolutely amazing, but far from a mobile game.

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