Apex Legends Mobile Release Date [ Updated 2023 ]

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date | Beta Apk Download | System Requirements [Updated 2023 ]

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date

After the official announcement of Apex Legends Mobile players are eagerly waiting to know about the Apex Legends Mobile release date. It is very impressive that Electronic Arts has done it so quickly to launch the game on mobile. A lot of the gaming studios and publisher has announced to release their games on mobile and especially some popular game like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, Plants vs Zombies 3, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Sleep, Project Cars Go and the list is endless.

Popular gaming companies are recognizing the importance of the smartphone industry and because of that, they are planning to launch their popular titles on mobile. Apex Legends is one of the popular PC titles which is coming on mobile devices this year. And the gameplay of Apex Legends is already leaked on Nintendo Switch so it is quite interesting to know about the progress that EA is doing for mobile devices.

The Nintendo Switch is no different than a mobile device and it is very similar to any other smartphone and the Apex Legends gameplay has been revealed for Nintendo Switch, so we are expecting that the Apex Legends is going to get launched soon on Android and iOS.

Similar to the Fortnite Mobile launch, you will be required to have a good flagship specification smartphone as the Apex Legends is a very high quality, graphics-intensive, and FPS-based game so it won’t be running on low-end devices, according to reports. You would need a high-end mobile device, similar to Fortnite mobile to run the game. When it comes to what devices will be supported with the Apex Legends mobile then we have provided the complete details about the compatible devices below.

Below, find out the Apex Legends Mobile release date, beta download, compatible devices, trailer, and gameplay.

Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends Mobile

Release Date

Apex Legends has been rumored for so long now, and it was expected to be released in April 2021. However, April 2021 is already here and we do not see any update from Electronic Arts. When it comes to the release date then EA has been silent on this matter, however, it could be seen that Apex Legends gameplay on the Nintendo Switch device is already out, so we are expecting it to come out soon for Android and iOS as well.

The Apex Legends was expected to release in 2020 and in an interview CEO of Electronic Arts also said that they are planning to launch the Apex Legends mobile by the end of 2020 but later they announced that the game is still under development and is expected to come out by March 2021 and then last month they said that the Apex Legends will be released by the end of April 2021. But according to me, we won’t see any game to be released this month and there is a solid reason behind that.

We all know the global pandemic is still there and it is still increasing day by day in some countries especially in the USA where the EA headquarters are located and EA has already announced work from home due to which the progress of the development has been slowed down, so I am expecting the game to be come out by July or maybe August 2021, but it is just my assumptions and there is still no official confirmation about that.

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Apk Download And System Requirements

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Apk Download

Players were expecting the Apex Legends Beta to be come out by March 2021, but as the month has already passed away and there is no beta out for Apex Legends, so forget about the official release. Similar to the PC release of Apex Legends, the publisher will release the Apex Legends beta version which will be tested on the original servers to check the capability of the servers, and then the game will be released in the public domain. But still, the game is under development and the final stage of the development is currently going on, so it is expected that the beta will be released by end of April or in the starting weeks of May 2021.

But if you want to try out the Apex Legends Beta on your Android then you will have to register on the official website of Apex Legends Mobile which is ea.com and there you will have to put your email and when the beta version will be launched you will be notified. Also, there are chances that the beta will be available to download after the pre-registration on the Google Play store.

Mobile Requirements

The Apex Legends is high quality, graphic-intensive, and resource-hungry game and it would definitely require a high-end smartphone to run. As of now, there are no official requirements that have been revealed for Apex Legends mobile by EA but according to experts, you may require a flagship smartphone to play the game. If you look at the release of Fortnite Mobile, then first it was released for only flagships and then later on for the mid-range smartphones but for low-end devices, the Fortnite mobile is still not available.

Gameplay and Trailer

As usual, EA releases the trailer and Gameplay of the game whatever they release, but if you look at Apex Legends Mobile then there has been no trailer by EA. On PC, the Apex Legends Season 2 is already going on and the trailer for Season 2 has been released but as of now, no trailer has been released by EA. However, you may found some unofficial Apex Legends Mobile gameplay on YouTube.


In conclusion, we can conclude that Apex Legends Mobile then the game is yet to be released on mobile devices, however, the soft launch for Nintendo Switch has been already made by EA. It is expected that the first soft launch for android and ios will be done after 2-3 months in China. Hopefully, we will be able to play the Apex Legends Mobile on our phones.

So this was all about Apex Legends Mobile Release Date, Beta Apk Download, Mobile Requirements, and more. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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