Best Budget 4K Monitors

The days are gone when the best 4K monitors used to come at a high price that we could afford. Nowadays, you can easily buy the best budget 4K monitors at a small cost, so everyone can now afford a soothing experience for the eyes. Prices are getting dropped as the 4K TVs are going mainstream.

A good 4K monitor can provide you with sharp image quality at higher frame rates but before going for a 4K monitor you should check whether your graphics card is capable to push 4K or not. There is plenty of graphics card for 4k gaming in the budget that you can buy, so upgrade your GPU before looking at the monitor and then upgrade your monitor.

So, below, you can find out the Best Budget 4K Monitors that give you an amazing experience while gaming, consuming media, or even performing normal tasks.gaming monitor

List of Best Budget 4K Monitors In India

There are plenty of reasons to buy a good 4K monitor. These monitors are affordable nowadays and come with great picture quality and features. All the 4K monitors we have listed below have very sharp image quality and come with 4 times higher resolution when compared to a budget 1080p monitor.

All the monitors in this list will provide you with more space on your desk as all these monitors are made when kept this point in mind. These 4K monitors have small sturdy stands. All these monitors have display scaling features and the response time you will get in these monitors will be 5-1ms. Have a look:

LG 24-inch 4K Monitor 24UD58LG 24-inch 4K Monitor 24UD58

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The LG 24UD58 24″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor is the smallest monitor on this list, and if you prefer a small monitor, this one is best for you. This monitor has a 4 UHD IPS Panel and better wide-angle performance. It also has FreeSync support to handle high pace games. This monitor also has on-screen control by which you can control and set the game more. This monitor has split-screen 2.0 which is perfect for those who work on split screens and do a lot of research. It has all the required ports such as 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display Port, 1 audio-out port, and 1 audio-in/ headphone jack.

When it comes to the response time then it gives around 5ms response time, so it is not recommended for FPS games. It has 178-degree viewing angles. This monitor weighs around 3.5 Kg in size. This monitor requires 27W of power to run.

Benq 28 4K Gaming MonitorBenq 28 4K Gaming Monitor

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When it comes to the monitor then BenQ is one of the most popular and known brands and whenever you are finding a monitor doesn’t matter what your budget is, you will find a BenQ monitor there.

The BenQ 28″ UHD 4K HDR monitor is no 2 in this list of best budget 4k monitors. This one has great specs and offers value for money. It comes with a 28″ LED UHD 4K Panel. BenQ claims that it has HDR support, but it is not confirmed so you should look at the customer’s review before buying it. This monitor also has the Brightness Plus Technology which will adjust the brightness and color temperature according to the on-screen content and lighting conditions. It also has Free-Sync support.

It comes with all the necessary ports such as it has  HDMI 2.0, Display Port, etc. It also has built-in speakers so you won’t have to buy extra speakers. It comes with a 3-year on-site warranty.

Acer 28-inch 4K MonitorAcer 28-inch 4K Monitor

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The Acer Nitro VG280K 28″ UHD 4K Gaming Monitor is an excellent monitor from Asus. It comes with an amazing design and features. It has all the required features. It comes with a UHD 4K IPS Panel. It supports AMD Free-Sync and has a 4-ms response time. It also has HDR 10 support which is great as it comes under 25K. It has a sleek design and has very few bezels at the sides.

It has a total of 300nits brightness which is quite vibrant and has great color accuracy. When it comes to the ports then it has 2 HDMI, 1 Display Port. It comes with 2W speakers and there is 2 speaker built-in. The response time is around 4 ms. It weighs around 5.5kg in size.

LG 27-inch 4K Gaming MonitorLG 27-inch 4K Gaming Monitor

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The LG 27″ UHD 4K Gaming Monitor is a super fancy gaming monitor from LG. This one has a little bit high price than the above 2 monitors but the value it offers is just amazing. This monitor has a 27″ UHD 4K IPS panel with HDR 10 support. It has 300 nits of brightness and 178-degree viewing angles. This monitor comes with a color-calibrated display with sRGB 99% and 1.07 billion colors from LG. Radeon free-sync technology is already there and has DAS Mode and black stabilizer as well.

When it comes to connectivity then it has 2 HDMI ports, a display port, and a headphone jack. You will also get a VESA wall mount of 100×100 with this monitor which usually doesn’t come with other monitors. It comes with a 3-year brand warranty. The bad part is that it doesn’t have built-in speakers so you would have to buy external speakers for gaming and other usage or you can even buy headphones if you are FPS gamers, it is your choice.

Asus 28-inch 4K Gaming MonitorAsus 28-inch 4K Gaming Monitor

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The last one in this list of Best budget 4K monitors is Asus 28″ 4K LED Display Gaming Monitor. This monitor comes with PiP and PbP modes. According to us, this monitor is a bit priced high but you can amazing deals and discount offers during the sale period. It comes with a 28″ UHD 4K Panel. It has a 1ms response time and it has a 60Hz refresh rate which you will have to keep in mind if you are an FPS gamer. In connectivity, you will get all the necessary ports such as HDMI, Display Port, etc.

It has great height adjustment features and can also be mounted on a wall. The stand of this monitor looks odd as it doesn’t match today’s trend. This monitor weighs around 8 kg in size. Also, this doesn’t have any built-in speakers.

So this was all about Best Budget 4K Monitors. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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