Top 6 Best Camera Apps For Android

In today’s world, everyone likes to capture the precious moments they experience so they can remember them and share them with their loved ones. As time has progressed so has technology, previously we had to use different devices to perform the corresponding actions but nowadays all of these can be performed by a simple measly smartphone. From calculating complex equations to capturing stunning photos and recording videos in 4K resolution all can be done even by a budget smartphone. But the smartphone manufacturing companies do not always offer a properly tuned default camera application thus not being able to tap into the true potential of the phone’s camera. So we are here today discussing the best available camera apps for Android that uses the hundred percent of your smartphone’s camera such as A Better Camera.

A Better Camera

Cameras on smartphones have become a very big deal and are often usually purchased based on the strength and features available on the camera. As the case may be A Better Camera takes the number one spot on our list. It is a surprisingly robust camera app featuring support for HDR images, 360-degree panoramas, various multi-shot modes, a night mode, and video recording features. The photo quality is good and it has also extra features such as object removal coming with the pro version. The firmware of the software may date back to 2018 but that does not mean it is not able to keep up. This software is recommended for people who like to take better pictures than their default applications can produce but do not want to mess with the setting and let the auto mode handle everything. It still comes with manual settings if you wanna mess with them and get even better results.

Adobe Lightroom

Most of you guys have already heard of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop two of the best editing software available. Now you may think why are we adding photo editors to the list because it has an absolute beast of a tuned camera application which focuses more on the manual selection of ISO, aperture, etc. It allows the user more freedom and creative perspective while also being able to edit the images right after and has the best of both worlds of Photoshop and Lightroom in a single app that too an Android version. This could have been in the top spot but since it tends towards the manual selection of parameters and less on the auto mode it may become difficult to use for people with a limited amount of knowledge.

Bacon Camera

The name Bacon Camera may sound funny but that does not give you an excuse to make fun of the app. It is a legitimately decent camera app. It comes in with support for both RAW and DNG along with a good old JPEG format. It boasts both auto mode and manual mode giving control over parameters such as focus, white balance, exposure compensation, ISO, and more. It is the only app that claims to support manual controls on phones that do not support Google’s Camera2 API and also it comes with some very neat features such as GIF support, panorama mode, and timed shots.


Cymera is one of the older and more popular camera apps which focuses on mainstream features such as snap sticker, pro photo editor studio, filters, collage maker, and makeup ensuring bright and glossy pictures. It is simple and easy to use and it comes with more than 150 filters, also with more than 200 hair and makeup options for instant selfies. It is a beauty camera with various filters and makeup effects where you can adjust the pictures immediately. It also has a high-speed advanced tool with which you can remove the red-eye effect.

Camera 360

The main reason to choose Camera 360 is because it is a selfie editor with funny 3D stickers which can lead the way to the creation of funny photos with creativity. You guys can utilize the lens-filter system before you take a snap as the main reason for using this feature is the picture comes with a filter added to it. It also has professional editing tools and it includes various themes of funny stickers, a wide variety of motion stickers, filters, video effects, cartoon effects, photo templates, photo collages, and grids. This also comes with several capture photo challenges unlocking the next challenge and giving you achievement cards when one is completed.

Camera MX

Camera MX is one of the best third-party camera apps for bloggers. It is an app that allows you to click Live Shots with high-end quality from ideal moments and the most unique feature of all is that it can shoot the past and it has a very friendly user interface. With this app you can make animated photos and videos with ease as easily it would be to eat a piece of cake. This one even has a very large library of filters and live effects. You can convert your photos into moving live images or into GIFs using the app. It also has customization available for various effects like adding captions, color balance, and many more. It is also able to capture pictures from a video by rewinding or it can even turn your camera into a high-speed burst mode.

Special Mention(G Cam Modded)

The G Cam is Google’s camera app which comes with all Pixel devices and hands down is one of the best camera apps we have seen so far. Now there are modded versions available of this app available on the web but the only problem lies in installing it as the modded app is not supported by all smartphones or even different versions of the same model. So it is recommended that you first check if your smartphone is on the list of supported devices or not. Only due to this problem we had to talk about it in the special mention segment rather than giving it the top spot in the list.

We recommend the G Cam hands down if your device supports it and if not then the A Better Camera app as they both have great auto-processing modes as well as manual parameters. If you are more inclined towards working with manual parameters and editing then look no further than the Adobe Lightroom. If you are more selfie-obsessed and like trying out different filters and stickers we ask you to try out Camera 360 and Cymera. Hope we were able to help you in deciding on which third-party camera app to install to meet your needs and as always don’t forget to comment if you think something should be changed or included.

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