Best Sites To Download PC Games In 2023 [Free & Paid]

Best Sites To Download PC Games In 2023 [ Free And Paid ]

Best Sites To Download PC Games In 2023 [ Free & Paid ]

There are a lot of sites available out there on the internet to download PC Games. But as far as it comes to PC gaming then you will find that a lot of games are paid and only a few of them are free to play. But many of these sites even giveaway games for free and doesn’t matter what is the price of the game, but the game they mostly giveaway is a very old title.

On the given websites, you can download every type of game such as Arcade games like Tekken 7, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 4, racing games like Forza Horizon 4, the upcoming Forza Horizon 5, Dirt Rally 2.0, etc. All these websites support only digital copies of the game and you won’t get any physical disc for any game. You will have to make payment and then the game will be added to your account and in some cases, you will receive a key which you will have to add to your account and then the game will be added to your account. After that, you can download and enjoy the games.

Sites To Download PC Games For Free and Paid

While listing the best sites to download PC games there are some points that we have considered such as credibility of the websites, customer support, pricing of the game, and a lot of other points which we will discuss later. When it comes to credibility then all of these websites are very popular and there will be no issue when making payments on these sites as these sites have millions of users. All these sites have 24×7 customer support and the pricing of the games that you will find on these sites will be comparatively lower than you will find on other websites.


Steam is one of the most popular websites to download PC games. You will get a lot of discounts on different cards during different sales. Steam is the first choice of 90% of the game developers and publishers. Steam has great bandwidth and you will find a lot of games on Steam, almost all the popular AAA titles are already there on Steam. Steam is considered an Apple App Store in the PC gaming industry. Steam has a support of over 28 languages and supports all the major languages. On Steam, you can add your friends as well, as it allows single and multiplayer gaming.

Steam allows you to stream games on different platforms, however, a good PC will be required for streaming games. And a 50,000 rs gaming PC can easily stream and game at the same time. You can make movies, tutorials, or episodes in all the various categories, as Steam allows all this stuff. On Steam, you can also connect your social media account so that you can connect with your friends more easily. And Steam supports all the platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Steam also has their mobile app where you can manage your games.

GOG earlier used to be known as Good Old Games is now renamed GOG and it is being operated by GOG limited. You can download PC games and movies from this site. You will have to download the GOG launcher to download games on your PC, however, if you want to buy a game, then you can make an online purchase.

GOG has a lot of amazing features like Offline Mode, Cloud Gaming, Rolling back to the previous update, etc. GOG supports all the platforms like PC, Mac, and Linux.


Origin is one of the most popular websites to download games on PC after Steam. You can also connect your steam account with Origin and you can also some games in between these 2 platforms. This platform is owned by the popular game developer and publisher company, EA. Origin is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays due to its features and low-priced games. It has different variety of games. Also, there are some games that you will find exclusively on Origin, and on some games, you will find great deals which are not available on any other platforms. You can also purchase games through the Origin Mobile website and app. Origin has some exclusive games which you won’t find on any other platform.

G2A is one of the fastest-growing websites to download PC games. It has over 12 million uses and over 2 million sellers all around the world. It is not a game publishing company, they just connect the seller to the buyer and keep their commission in between. All varieties of games are available on G2A and you will find games for all platforms like Xbox, PC, etc. You can also make your purchase on G2A by using a Giftcard and can avail some kind of discount. You can also make money with G2A by promoting it but for that, you will have to join its G2A Goldmine membership.

PC Games

PC Games is the 5th site on our list to download PC games. There are a lot of games available on PC games similar to Ocean Of Games and most of the EA games can be found at huge discount prices on PC games site. You can find different varieties of games such as racing, arcade, RPG, simulation, Puzzle, etc. Also, you make buy games from with the help of as this website is also operated by EA. It also has a dedicated community for games where you can discuss different games.

So this was all about Best Sites to Download PC Games. Hopefully, you will like our approach. In this post we have not listed any site which are low quality all the websites listed above are very popular and offers really awesome free and paid games out of the box. You can also count some other sites which will give you free and paid games are Epic Games and Ubisoft Connect. Let us know in the comment box if we have missed any other website that offer awesome games we will consider it next time.

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