Fallout 6 Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements and More

Fallout 6 is one of the most anticipated games from Bethesda in the Fallout series. It will be a hit when it comes out in the public domain, however, as of now, you can only listen to the rumors and leaks of Fallout 6.

Fallout Series is quite popular among Fallout fans and they are waiting for the next Fallout game to come out soon. As of now, Bethesda is only focusing on its upcoming release and the Fallout 6 is nowhere in the upcoming list of Bethesda. However, the writers are currently working on the story and soon the development of the game will start.

Bethesda is focusing on their upcoming release for this year and as of now, their main focus is Fallout 76. There are pushing regular updates and content to the game so that players stick to the game. Also, the game is quite interesting to play and after the release of Fallout 76, players are now looking forward to the next Fallout game to come out soon on a different platform in which Fallout 5 and Fallout 6 will be major games.

We have already seen a lot of leaks and rumors about Fallout 5 and currently, Fallout 6 leaks are in demand due to its story. It will be a completely different game from the previous Fallout games. Bethesda and the developers have kept their mouths quiet when asked about Fallout 6 but according to internal leaks, there is some information that we can share with you.

Everything You Need to Know About Fallout 6

The most anticipated games list includes GTA 6, Forza Horizon 5, Fary Cry 6, and last but not least the Fallout 6. A lot of leaks have been coming out for various most anticipated games but when it comes to Fallout 5 or Fallout 6 then the developers have not broken their silence. In a GameStar interview, when the Fallout 6 developers are asked about the game then they keep their mouth shut and only said that they will be blown away with the story of Fallout 6.

Fallout 6 Release Date

Fallout 6 Release Date

Currently, the Fallout 5 development is underway and writers are working on the story of Fallout 6, so you should not expect it to be coming out soon. There are a lot of rumors and leaks revolving around all over Twitter but still, there is no chance that Fallout 5 will come out this year. Bethesda is only focusing on its upcoming release The Elder Scrolls 3 which may come out any time soon.

So after analyzing the news and information that we have, we can expect that there is no chance that Fallout 6 will come out in the next 3 years. Fallout 4 was released back in 2015 and the next big title in the Fallout series will be Fallout 5 which may come out next year, and you can see the difference between the previous and the upcoming release.

This is almost 7 years gap that they are releasing the next big Fallout title in the series. And with that said, you should not expect Fallout 6 anytime soon.

Fallout 6 Trailer

As of now, only Fallout 5 teaser has been released by Bethesda which more looks like an April Fool’s prank than a teaser. Here is the official teaser of Fallout 5:

There a lot of time when the Fallout 6 trailer will come out. Also, please be informed that this is just a fan-made trailer of Fallout 5 and you will notice this when you read out the description of this teaser video. And this was a fan-made YouTube channel. So this means that the Fallout 5 teaser or trailer has not released yet. And if the Fallout 5 trailer is not released yet, then you should not expect the Fallout 6 trailer to be coming out anytime soon.

Fallout 6 System Requirements

If you have a low-end pc on which you can only play low-end PC games and wondering about the Fallout 6 to run on your potato PC then you should not expect it to run on your PC. The Fallout 6 is a next-gen gaming title that will be released on the next-gen gaming console which is far from their release as of now. And if you look at the Fallout 5 system requirement then you will notice that Fallout 5 does not require high-end gaming hardware to run, but it can also run on a normal PC.

But, you should not expect Fallout 6 to be the same when it comes to system requirements. A lot of things will be improved such as graphics quality, average FPS and more when Fallout 6 will come out and it will definitely not run on a normal PC. It will require a gaming PC with a decent configuration.

Fallout 6 Supported Platforms

Fallout 6 will be released on all platforms like PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. However, it is expected that Fallout 6 will be released on the next-gen gaming consoles which are way far from their release.

Fallout Mobile

It is expected that Bethesda released a mobile version of the Fallout game, as most of the gaming studios and developers are now focusing on mobile devices as there is still a lot to cover. When the Fallout Mobile will come out then you will get see a lot of big PC and console games on mobile and some big name on the list is Apex Legends Mobile, which is coming out next or next to next month on mobile, Valorant Mobile is again a big game coming to mobile devices, The Witcher Monster, and the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.


To conclude, as of now we should not expect much about Fallout 6 however we can focus on some other games in the Fallout series if you are a big fallout fan and the list includes Fallout 76 which is just released and is gaining a lot of popularity. The other game on this list is Fallout 5 which may release in early 2022. But as of now, the only playable Fallout game is Fallout 76, as the Fallout 5 official trailer is yet to be released by Bethesda.

So this was all about Fallout 6 Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements, and More. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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