5 Best Smartwatches Under 20000 In India

Smart WatchNowadays, Watches don’t just offer time but a lot of other amazing and advanced features which we couldn’t even imagine 2-3 years ago. When a watch can do more than just show off the time then it is called Smartwatch and that is what we are going to discuss today. A Smartwatch can offer remote access to various devices and saves a lot of time and keep us away from just checking notifications all the time on our phone.

A lot of new brands are entering the Smartwatch industry after the Smartphone industry. Earlier, only Apple and Samsung Smartwatches were popular, but these days brands like Mi, Realme, Fitbit, Amazefit, and Oneplus are getting popular when it comes to the best value for money Smartwatches.

The best Smartwatch can give you remote access to various devices, can track your health, can remind you of various tasks and events, and can do a lot more than we can think of. But being a beginner and not having any knowledge about Android Smartwatch or even about iOS watches and then buying them can get you in trouble, so don’t buy a watch before grabbing some info about it.

So today we are going to give a look at the best Smartwatches under Rs. 20,000 in India, but if your budget is Rs. 10,000 then you can check out this article, as we have already covered the best Smartwatch Under Rs. 10,000 in India.

Best Smartwatch Under Rs. 20,000 in India

According to us, a Smartwatch comes under Rs. 20,000 must-have some necessary features like health tracking, footsteps tracking, task and activity reminder, some fitness modes which can help you in different fitness activities, build quality should be good and must have at least IP68 rating. Also, the display should be good and must provide the best comfort in its price range.

So below you can find the best Smartwatch under Rs. 20,000 in India, have a look:

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 is a 2nd gen Smartwatch from Fitbit, however, there is an updated version of this watch is also available but that is a bit more costly and goes out of budget so we are not going to talk about that, but if you can exceed your budget that would be better and then you can also look for Fitbit Versa 3, which is a 3rd gen Smartwatch of this series.

The Fitbit Versa 2 lies under Rs. 20,000 and it comes with all the great features such as Heart Rate tracking, Sleep & Swim tracking. It has built-in Alexa (Amazon Assistant) which is very much accurate to the Indian accent and unlike the google assistant. This Smartwatch comes in different colors and sizes. It comes with extra bands as well, and you get a free trial of the Fitbit premium for 1 month as well.

You can use the built-in Alexa to get quick news info, weather, set alarms, and reminders, you can even control your smart home devices with it. You can check how many calories you have burned by its amazing heart rate tracking, you can optimize your daily routine with its smart modes. You can also store up to 300 songs in this watch with Spotify plus.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is also compatible with iOS devices. And it provides you a total of 5 days battery life very easily. But remember that you won’t be able to answer calls with this one. It comes with 4 GB of storage capacity. It has a big screen size of 1.5″ which is an AMOLED panel. And yes, it has NFC too.

Apple Watch Series 3 (42mm)


Apple Watch Series 3 (42mm)The Apple Watch Series 3 is a premium Smartwatch from Apple as it comes with a premium aluminum build in gray color and has a black sport band. It is compatible with all the versions of iOS and the GPS is inbuilt. It is a 4G LTE watch and has a 2.4 GHz band and 4.2 Bluetooth support.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has a Retina display and according to apple, it is swim-proof. It also has an Optical heart sensor that can track and monitor your heart-related issues. It has some special modes for activities like cycling, swimming, running, etc. It has quite loudspeakers. It can store up to 8 Gb of data. And it has all the important sensors in it. When it comes to battery backup then it can run only for 18 hours which is not that good. Also, it is only water-resistant up to 50 meters under watch. This watch has Apple’s WatchOS 5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) and (42mm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) and (42mm)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has 2 varients 42mm and 46mm, and you can buy accordingly. It is a 4G LTE watch and has Bluetooth support. It comes with an amazing super AMOLED display which is customizable with always-on watch faces. It has wifi 802.11 with a 2.4 GHz band. It has only 4 modes: Sleep, Activity with continuous HRM, and Stress Monitoring mode. You can dip this watch up to 50 meters in water. It has 39 built-in trackers and it is not waterproof but water-resistant.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has the worst part and which is that it can only be activated with only Samsung Galaxy Smartphones which are on android version 5.0 or above. This Smartwatch also supports eSIM. It has a big display of 1.4″ which has a resolution of 360×360. When it comes to battery life then Samsung has not provided any official info about that.

HUAWEI Watch GT Classic (46mm)

HUAWEI Watch GT Classic (46mm)

The HUAWEI Watch GT Classic is an amazing watch from HUAWEI as it comes with great and advanced features. This watch is very much rich in features as it comes with 2 weeks of battery life, it also has a real-time Heart rate monitoring feature, and the GPS is already in-built. It has Kirin A1 Chip and it comes with an AMOLED display out of the box. It has a feature named Smart Notification which is quite good and efficient for receiving notifications.

The HUAWEI Watch GT Classic can be dipped into water up to 5 ATMs, and it is a water-resistant Smartwatch. This watch comes in a classic look but at the same time, it is ultra-thin. It has Bluetooth 4.2 support and is supported by all Android and iOS devices. It has various different modes which can help you to be fit. The sensors of this watch are more accurate than any other smartwatch out there in the market, however, the only bad part is that it doesn’t support Sim Card.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a premium sports Smartwatch from Samsung. It is sleek and sporty in design and it comes in various designs and colors which is the best part. This one also comes with the Samsung’s Super AMOLED display with always-on features and you can choose from various always-on Watchfaces. Like the previous one, it also comes with 4 modes. It comes with 39 built-in exercise modes and that is enough to make you fit. It has built-in GPS and GLONASS. You can dip this into 50m underwater and it is a water-resistant watch.

When it comes to durability then it the best Smartwatch under Rs. 20,000 which comes with Military Grade Durability. It has 20mm standard watch straps. It has 90+ trackers and steps challengers for you which is enough as all the necessary trackers are already there. The display size could have a little bigger, as it has only a 1.1″ display.

So this was all about the best Smartwatch Under Rs. 20,000 in India. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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