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OnePlus Smartwatch, Expectations, Release date and more

OnePlus smartwatch is rumored for so long, so in this post, we will be talking about the upcoming smartwatch from OnePlus. Not only in smartphones they have also launched many awesome products, which are TVs, earphones, chargers, and more.

But they are mainly famous for their quality smartphones which they offer at very reasonable prices. So all the famous phone manufacturers are making smartwatches with their flagship devices like Apple makes the Apple Watch Series of smartwatches each year, Samsung also follows the same trend and many popular Chinese brands are doing the same including Xiaomi and Oppo.

It is really surprising why one of the famous brands doesn’t make a smartwatch, however, there can be only one reason that they might be interested in focusing more on the smartphone department instead of the smartwatch because it turns very complicated sometimes.

Back in 2016, we have witnessed some believable leaked info and saw so-called sketches of the upcoming smartwatch which you can look at in the image below. However, it never happened to be true, there are possibilities that they have tried making one at the time but abandoned the plan, due to some other projects. Looking at the sketches we can say that they had a plan to prepare the best-looking watch of all the times.

After a long silence, the rumors of the OnePlus smartwatch had popup again in the market when a twitter tipster hinted about the OnePlus smartwatch in 2019. So we all were expecting a smartwatch with their OnePlus 8 series of smartphones in 2020 and it went too fake, at the launch event they not even talked about the smartwatch forget about launching one.

So yet again we are left with no clue that OnePlus will ever launch a smartwatch or not?. But let me clear one thing that nothing is permanent and yes there are many positive reasons to go with a smartwatch launch shortly or in the near future. The Smartwatch industry is growing very fast and big as time passes and companies like Apple and Samsung have already created a large number of smartwatch fans in the world.

But they are costly and everyone could not afford it and the gap of this problem has been utilized by companies like Xiaomi and Oppo buy launching their smartwatches. The mean to say is that why a company doesn’t want to get into smartwatches when they already have a large amount of fan base around the world.

With their upcoming smartphone OnPlus 8T, we can witness a smartwatch also. There are a lot of expectations that the OnePlus smartphone will be priced very genuinely according to the market and under the reach of the middle-class people.

If recent news to be believed Realme is also going to introduce its smartwatch to the market which is a new Chinese company to the smartphone market.

Now in 2020 again we are seeing the leaked info of the upcoming smartwatch from OnePlus. 91Mobiles has spotted an IMDA certification listing that mentions the detail about the smartwatch. In the certification, it writes a device name called OnePlus Watch with the model (WE301 GB), without any other specs details of the device. TechRadar has also claimed that they are working on a smartwatch from last year which is 2019.

The smartwatch has been seen on the BIS certification website with a model number of W201GB, which means that it is going to be a reality soon. Till now it has cleared two certifications IMDA and BIS. But also there is one thing to notice on the two certifications are the change in model number one says W201GB and the other says W301GB. So it means that they can launch more than one smartwatch one can be advanced and the second can be in the budget. But let’s see what exactly happens it will be awesome to follow more updates on this smartwatch.

In terms of design, the rumors say that it’s a classic circular dial.

The company’s official account had tweeted about the smartwatch which says that “More things are coming to the OnePlus ecosystem” and below they have twitter an image from leaked sketches in 2016. They wanted to say that it will not be in the sketches for a long time because it’s going to be a reality soon. Somehow the tweet is also confirming the design of the smartwatch.

The upcoming smartwatch is now spotted on German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO). The leaked patent confirms that the OnePlus device will have a new variant of the device which we can call the sports version of the smartwatch. It is not a new thing we have a lot of leaks in the past also recently we had witnessed a leak confirming the March Launch date of the device. It is expected that OnePlus will launch two smartwatch models in India: named W301GB and W510GB. These devices have already a lot of certifications in the past, so it’s interesting to see that when they are going to turn in reality.

Let’s talk about the possibilities of the OnePlus Smartwatch

OnePlus Smartwatch

Release date?

First, it was expected to launch somewhere in 2016, and OnePlus had canceled the plans for their smartwatch. After, a long silence we were expecting it to come in 2020 still nothing has been launched by the company. Now the new release date has been hinted at by many trusted leakers so this time we can expect it to come in 2021 March.

Design & built

When launched it will be the best durable smartwatch of all the time, they will be using the best grade metal to make it very tough. For the design, it should come in a circular shape as it shows in the sketches above, but they are too old to believe. There can be an AMOLED touch panel that will give the best experience on top of it. I think always a well-designed smartwatch sells more and gets popularity among the public The companies are trying different types of awesome designs for their future watches. The OnePlus watch can be designed in one of the best modern ways that we would have never seen on any other device in the competition.

UI and Experience

OnePlus is always known for its best-optimized UI experience on their smartphones so, we can expect the same thing with the smartwatch. Most of the Android wearables come packed with WearOS that is Google’s customized OS for smartwatches. UI experience is the segment where all the users want something out of the world experience and there is no doubt that the OnePlus is capable of providing this. I am sure if the OnePlus smartwatch will launch it will kick Xiaomi and other Chinese brands straight out of the competition.


Tons of new features can be expected on this particular smartwatch, like the waterproof capability. For sensors, there can be heart rate, calories burnt, steps count even the sleeping patterns monitor and blood pressure count will be available on the smartwatch. With the Physical activity tracker, you can get detailed info about running, swimming, cycling activities.

We all are seeing about fast wireless charging in the OnePlus smartwatch so there are high chances that the device will be packed with a wireless charging feature. You just have to put your watch into the wireless charging pad and boom your OnePlus smartwatch will be charged fully within minutes.


It will be supported by GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and also there are possibilities that they will put an eSIM on it. Because most of the premium well know brands are implementing e-SIM on their smartwatches. So adopting new technology is the best choice for a company that promotes a never settle slogan.

So hope you have liked this detailed article on the OnePlus smartwatch, do let me know in the comments sections if you need to ask anything. Whenever I get some information or any update related to the OnePlus Smartwatch I will be updating the post. So if you are curious about this device and wanted regular updates then you can stay tuned to this blog.


The price is still unknown but if rumors to be believed it will cost you under $300, which means that’s it pretty decent and for countries like India it is high too. We will have to see what they are keeping for India if they wanted to attract lots of Indian customers then it should be below 15k or 10k. But if $300 is converted to INR it’s even more than 20k. So at this price I don’t think that it will be a huge success, people will prefer the variants of Samsung and Apple watches instead. So looking at the price will be the big factor, because they are known for the best budget things.

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