Indian Mobile Companies, Check out the full detail

Indian Mobile Companies, Check out the full detail

Mobile Companies

Mobile Phones in India have evolved the country drastically as this gadget has made the whole country digital. People have started using paying online, if they feel hungry then they order food online, and need a plumber to get him via an app. We used to see these things happening only outside India. Indian Mobile Companies has given a lot to the Indian smartphone market but most of them seem to be non-active right now.

After the Global Pandemic or Covid-19 and especially after the Glawan Valley incident in which our many soldiers were martyred, Indians are opposing Chinese products in India and especially the Chinese Smartphone brands which have almost covered 90% of the Indian smartphone market share.

Indian have sentiments to ban Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, Realme, etc. But is it possible to ban or oppose Chinese Smartphones in India as that can only be done when we have options to choose from? We have to find out which are smartphones which is non-Chinese or made in India.

In India, mostly there are 3 types of Smartphone Manufactures:

  • Indian Brand
  • Chinese Brands
  • Non-Chinese Brands

When it comes to Indian Brands then the first brand that comes into our minds is Micromax. Micromax is a popular brand among the Indian youth and they were the king of the Indian Smartphone Market about a few years ago, before Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Oneplus entered India. Some other Indian brands are as follows:

  • Micromax
  • Lava
  • Intex
  • Karbonn
  • IBall
  • Reliance
  • Spice
  • Celkon
  • Xolo
  • IKall

So these are some popular Indian brand which was active a few years ago, but now these brands can’t be seen in the market as they are not producing smartphone and still focusing on feature phones which are still popular in India. Most adults in India still use feature phones of these brands.

Also, there are some other brands like Smartron, Yu Televentures, and Swipe Mobiles which are not that popular in the market.

Let’s talk in detail about the Indian Smartphone Companies and then we will see Non-Chinese and Chinese brands and how they are contributing to Indian Smartphone Market and is it possible to ban Chinese smartphones from India, let’s have a discussion.


  • 1 Indian Mobile Companies
  • 2 Chinese Mobile Companies
  • 3 Non-Chinese Mobile Companies in India

Indian Mobile Companies

Indian Smartphones brand has become a rare species in India as you won’t see any big or small Indian smartphone brand releasing mobile frequent whereas it can be clearly seen how the Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, etc. keep on launching there new smartphones, smart bands, smartwatches, etc.



In India, Micromax is the biggest Indian Smartphone Company and has become active again as Micromax recently made its comeback in Indian Smartphone Industry. This company was founded by Rahul Sharma in 2000 and after 2010 it was very popular, but later in 2014 when companies like Xiaomi and Oneplus entered India, they destroy Indian brands like Micromax, Intel, and Lava which were very popular.

But recently, Micromax has launched their new Smartphone which is IN 1B and IN Note 1. This phone comes with great specs and features and all the Chinese smartphone brands don’t come even close to this Smartphone when it comes to a Value-for-money product.



LAVA is not just an Indian brand but an international brand and it is the 3rd largest Indian Smartphone manufacturer. This company was founded by Hari Om Rai and others in 2009. They have also made their comeback in years 20-21 and they have launched some new smartphone series which is quite unique and amazing. LAVA mostly focuses on selling features phones and tablets in India, but now they have become active again in the Smartphone Industry.

Intex, Karbonn, and others


Indian Smartphone brands like Intex, Karbonn, IBall, Spice, Reliance JIO LYF, Xolo have become inactive as they couldn’t compete with the Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Realme. They are focusing on making feature phones and Jio is doing quite well in there.

Brands like Intex and Xolo are still active in the Indian Smartphone Industry and can be seen releasing some sort of Smartphones that comes under 7-8K Rs. of price point. But these are not so popular as the quality of this Smartphone is not up to the mark and the brand also doesn’t do good when it comes to marketing and mostly these phones are sold in the offline market.

Chinese Mobile Companies

Chinese Mobile Companies

When it comes to Chinese Mobile Companies in India then there are a lot of brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, Oneplus, Vivo, iQOO, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Infinix, and Tecno which are quite popular in India. The brands like Oppo Vivo, Realme, Oneplus all have one Chinese parent company which is called BBQ electronics.

Xiaomi, Realme, Oneplus, and Vivo are the most popular Chinese brand in India. And only Xioami is covering 27% of the share in the India Market. And when you look at the other brand then Vivo has taken over the 23% of the Indian Smartphone market and this shows that how difficult it is to oppose or ban Chinese companies in India.

Non-Chinese Mobile Companies in India

When it comes to the Non-Chinese Smartphone brand then there are very few brands in India such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, Sony, and Google. However, only 3 of these Non-Chinese brands are actively participating in the market and selling their phones.

Samsung, Apple, and Nokia are the only Non-Chinese Smartphone companies that are active and selling their smartphones in India. Samsung is the no 1 brand in India and covers 37% of the market share. Apple is also a popular brand in India but as the Apple devices are premium and come at a higher price point so it is not covering that much percent of the Indian Market share. However, youth is getting attracted to Apple and this is the only reason why Apple sales are increasing quarter by quarter in India.

So when it comes to conclusion then we can conclude that right now it is impossible to ban or oppose Chinese brands in India as they have a huge market share, and it can only be done when some Indian brands come up with good choices and on competitive prices. There are some rumors that there some upcoming smartphones which will be amazing with specs so if you are thinking to buy a smartphone it is always better to wait.

So this was all about the Indian Mobile Companies, Non-Indian Mobile Companies, and Chinese Mobile Companies. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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