LG Rollable Phone Release Date, Price, Specs & More

Smartphones have evolved with time and have completely transformed from a small keypad mobile to a big touchscreen phone. Smartphone manufacturers have adapted the technology with time. The time has come when we will see a major change in the upcoming smartphones. Foldable and Rollable smartphones are in trend. Samsung released their first foldable  Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 last year and the competitor Royole FlexPai 2 is about to launch. One of the most innovative smartphone brands is LG and they have announced their LG Rollable Phone, this phone is still under development and you will get to see it soon in the Smartphone market.

LG has released some amazing smartphones which include LG V60 ThinQ, G7 ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, Wing 5G, and more. All these smartphones had great specifications and designs. LG is still making innovative smartphones and has collaborated with Rave, Ficto, Tubi, and Naver for the mobile viewing experience, and when it comes to technology then they are looking forward to Qualcomm.

Some time ago, they patented a Smartphone that will be rumored to be a rollable one. Also, LG teased a vague video in which it can be seen that the LG rollable is under development and may come out soon.

If you are thinking that we are just talking about rumors and leaks then let us tell you that LG has confirmed that they are working on a Rollable Smartphone but there is no information about the specifications of the LG Rollable smartphone. Some leaks and rumors confirm the release date, price, and specification of the upcoming rollable smartphone from LG.

LG Rollable Phone 7

Below, you can find out more information about the upcoming LG Rollable Smartphone such as its release date, price, specification, leaks, and rumors. etc.

c Leaks and Rumors

The LG Rollable Phone was in the news for a long time now and fans are eagerly waiting for this phone to get released in the market and they want to try out this phone. This phone will come out very soon in the market and if you are wondering what would be the price of this smartphone then let us inform you that it will be an expensive smartphone. Do you remember the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 price? Yes, the price was around 1.5 lac and if you are looking to know about the price of LG Rollable then it is going to be way more than that, to know more about it let’s begin.

LG Rollable Phone

Release Date

Release date is always a big concern for the fans and the LG Rollable is one of the most innovative smartphones that is coming out from any Smartphone brand till now. According to the news, the LG Rollable phone will come out this year, 2021. According to last year’s rumors, it was about to get launched in March 2021, but as March has arrived at its end and there is still no information about the LG Rollable so it is expected that the LG Rollable phone will come out late in this year.

This year, we also heard that LG is thinking to abandon this project as the brand will be making an exit from the Smartphone market, but let us let you that it is not confirmed yet. According to some news reports, LG has asked their supplier if they have put the LG Rollable Phone on hold and has said that they have not finalized the decision if they will be releasing this Smartphone or not. If LG quit the Smartphone market this year then definitely we won’t see any rollable Smartphones from LG, but if they decide to complete this project then the leaks confirm that this phone will be finalized soon.


Pricing is the most important factor of any Smartphone in its popularity and consumer interaction. You may or may not remember the price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 but let us tell you that it was priced at around 1.5 lac and if you talk about the price of the LG Rollable Smartphone is priced way more than that of Samsung. And according to the piece of news that we have, it will be one of the most expensive Smartphones launched by any brand till now. The LG Rollable Smartphone is priced at around 1.72 lac and this is just a rumored price, we may get to see it more than that as it will be a rollable phone and not a foldable one. When it comes to the pricing in dollars or pounds then it will cost around $2,359, £1,775, or AU$ 3,130.

LG Rollable Phone 2


If you are looking for LG Rollable phone specs it is rumored to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 which is based on 7 nm technology along with 8 GB of RAM. When it comes to the display size then it will have a huge 6.8″ display and it will come with 128 GB of internal storage. It will have a triple rear camera setup of 64 + 13 + 2 MP and it will have a 4000 mAH battery. For selfies, it will have a 32 MP camera. It will have an On-Screen fingerprint sensor and the leaks say that it will be a 5G phone.

The above image shows how the phone will look from the front and it is confirmed by LG itself. The phone will change its size as shown in the image. Earlier, LG patented a Smartphone that could be extended from 2 sides but as you can see in the image above this one is different from that one, and it can be extended from 2 sides. The screen size of the smartphone that we have listed above can differ from 6.8″ to 7.4″ as it is not yet confirmed.

According to a South Korean forum, the 7.4″ display phone will have a 100 x 2428 resolution whereas the 6.8″ one will have a 1080 x 2428 resolution. Another leak confirms that the LG Rollable will have Snapdragon 888 along with 16 GB of RAM and 4,200 mAH of battery. And this leak looks more genuine than the previous one, looking at the price of the smartphone. Hopefully, we will get to see the LG Rollable Phone soon this year.

So this was all about LG Rollable Phone Release Date, Price, Specs, and more. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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